Bloody hell; I think we've got us a contest goin' on. :)

I've talked to several boo-tiful (<- how cheesy & cliche was that?) specimens who want to try their hands at some glam, gory, and gorgeous costume makeup looks, and I WANT TO SEE THEM ALL because I'm greedy like that. 

So I present to you the: 

All you have to do is send Pretty Much your photo one of two ways

  • On Facebook, just send Pretty Much a message with your photo, or 
  • On Instagram, hashtag your photo with #PrettyMuchFaceOff 

The winner will be announced on Halloween and will get a little swag bag full of samples of some of my favorite beauty products. 


I can't wait to see what you all come up with! Now go make a face! 

Full-On Monet

Morning, guys, and happy Hump Day! 

If you recognized the title of today's blog post to be a line from "Clueless," then you are totally hero status today! :) 

I chose that title because it seemed especially relevant to the costume look I did last night.

Admittedly, it was a bit of a half-assed effort. I had already showered but was feeling pretty restless and wasn't really in the mood to continue watching the snotty 21-year-old that was on House Hunters.

So I sauntered into my lair to try my hand at some Wicked Witch makeup. Pretty tame. Pretty standard. I'll share it nonetheless. 

Be warned, it's a full-on Monet.

What's that? 


 A full-on Monet :  when . . . 

The green is really splotchy, blotchy, and uneven. I guess doing your makeup in a dim room isn't real helpful.



I noticed the splotchy-ness in the pictures right away, so I did a little more blending, so it was . . .



I kind of wanted to go into the bedroom to approach Kyle just to be like . . . 

But I feared it would be far too similar to this exchange . . . 

. . . or worse . . . 


In terms of the makeup, it could've gone better; it could've gone worse.
But hey, "at least I didn't skin a collie to make my back pack."

Sugar Skulls

What's up, sugar? :) 

A few of my friends came over the other night for wine and general merriment, and one of the girls had sent me a screenshot of a sugar skull Halloween makeup look from Pinterest and encouraged me to do it. I told her to bring her face to me, and I would.

Done deal. 

We had a little too much fun with this one, and a few glasses (okay, fine, bottles) of wine in, we thought it would be a good idea to go into our bedroom and try to scare Kyle with this at about 12:30 am. He was none too thrilled. 

Also, I had Keri take the pictures herself so there were a few hilarious mantle-worthy outtakes littered throughout my photos that I refuse to ever delete. 

We wanted to incorporate some fake blood, but I didn't think it went with the pretty pinks in Keri's look so I did another one on myself later on.

And yes, after we were finished, we just sat on the couch like this and talked for the rest of the night. Pretty standard girls night, right? :)

Fancy Face Friday

Praise and thanks giving; it's another Friday night in October. <3

Just a heads up, Fancy Face Friday this month is probably most likely going to be costume makeup turned up to 11. I hope that's okay with you guys. 

On the menu for today is Maleficent and random mermaid. I decided to lump them together since they both required green skin, which isn't really something I often sport. 

I put my falsies on really lopsided and sloppy—slop-sided, if you will—so I could barely keep my eyes open, they just felt so heavy on me. Try to look past it :)

Mermaid Makeup

Have a lovely weekend, my pretties!

Black Swan

Who's going a little cray with this Halloween costume makeup business? 

Guilty as charged, but in my defense, having a makeup blog, a deep love for October, and not much in the arena of "self restraint" makes for a pretty rough combination.

I had a request for Black Swan costume makeup, and I was super stoked to try it out.

I did the White Swan and the Black Swan, and the Black Swan was by far the creepiest thing I've ever done to my face (aside from my stint with headgear braces—gonna take a lot to top that one), but O-Mar Epps was it fun :) 

Without further ado . . . 

I need to quit saying this, but I WISH YOU COULD'VE SEEN IT IN REAL LIFE!! Glitter city up in here, (and yes, it was a b* to clean off—I'm still scratching glitter off my neck). The photos just aren't cutting it. My brows were gold, my skin was iridescently glittered, my contour was a gold shimmer eyeshadow, and therefore, my entire face was sparkling like a dang Cullen—felt like a walking chandelier. 

As I've said before, shimmer/glitter always gets lost in photos, much to my dismay, but still, it was pretty fun. 

Cue the Black Swan . . . 

I don't know that I did it justice because I think the real thing is more intricate (and quite a bit blacker), but I had a blast doing it. #longliveHalloween

Hope you enjoyed it, loves! If you have any ideas or requests, feel free to leave a comment below! 


Hey, Doll Face!

Ready for some super simple doll makeup?

Right off the bat, I'm just gonna tell you I was going to use white face paint to create some shiny spots and look really porcelain, but I wasn't feeling QUITE that ambitious. Plus, I've got the entire rest of the month to amp up the drama so I'll just use that as my excuse.

Crucial to the look: False lashes on top, drawn-on Twiggy-style bottom lashes, high-but-SOFT-curving brows, Barbie pink lips (accentuating the cupid's bow), and two prominent circles of blush. 

I want to do another style of doll makeup (more of an exaggerated porcelain doll) as well, but I'll save it for later. :) 

Key Products:  Red Cherry False Lashes, EyeKandy Sprinkles in Tootie Fruitti, MAC Candy Yum Yum and Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color in 924A HyperPink


Have a wonderful day, doll face! 

Wonder Woman

Long live Halloween!! I've got more costume makeup ready for your viewing pleasure.

My sister currently has a small human nesting behind her belly button, and she's been feeling a little sick lately so—since she's quite a wonderful woman in real life (and since I wanted to steal some sister time)—I decided to dress her up like Wonder Woman on Sunday. 

Wonder Woman Makeup

Pretty much a dead ringer, right? :) 

Thanks for letting me steal your face, Rae! 

Wonder Woman Makeup

Costume Makeup Continued

What do a corpse bride, a lion, and a pinup girl have in common?  Not much, if I'm being honest. But NOW they do because they share a post on my blog. Hey, look at that. 

Let's get stahhted. :)

Inspiration . . .

(minus the blue hair)

Corpse Bride Makeup

Also, my poor friends were probably terrified when I snapped them this photo. 

I also think I look somewhat similar to the Genie from Aladdin. 

And then, I toned the brows down JUST a bit (but still used the exaggerated kind of comic-strip-y shape for this (super easy) lioness look. 

Lion Makeup

My liquid liner supply took a beating after those first two looks.

Then on to my pinup girl look. 

Pinup Makeup

If you're wondering why the lighting looks different, then a) You've got some eagle eyes on ya—kudos for noticing, and B) I always try to use natural light whenever I can, and this was a little later on in the day. It's also to blame for the lower quality of these shots. 

Fancy Face Friday (on Steroids)

To the Aaron Samuels of the world, I'll help you out . . . 

It's also Friday, and that's rather exciting in itself. :) 

Today's post is going to be pretty short and straightforward (and slightly weird)—it's that Queen of Hearts costume makeup look I promised you. I did it earlier in the week and forgot to post it. #offwithmyhead

I've posted a rendition of this before for a bachelorette party, but it wasn't all that crazy, so I went a little harder on this one. 

I look a little "wild-eyed and crazy" because (well, obviously, I'm dressed as a mad-woman, but also because) I looked like a harlequin/clown when I smiled because of the turned-up-to-11 lips and crazy eyebrows. I must suffer from bitchy-resting-face because I look pretty evil—as evil as a person whose face is painted into a heart can look anyway. Also, I made my eyebrows point upward so that always helps with the villain factor.

Also, queens wear mini top hats, apparently. You'll have to excuse my makeshift costume. It's a pretty sorry excuse for royal garb.

And instead of "painting the roses red," I legitimately painted my eyebrows red for this.  

And again with the no-smile. ICE COLD!

I kind of want to do a mad hatter makeup look because it would require me to go totally balls to the wall and get super color crazy, but I might hold off on that because I feel like I need to get out of the Alice theme. I just wanted to do a couple of looks quick since it's so whimsical and Halloween-y. 

I'll post product details on this Queen of Hearts look (and the Alice look from earlier in the week) later, but I don't quite have the time right now because I'm late, I'm late for a very important . . . high school football game. :)

Happy weekend-ing!


Threefold Friday Fluff

It's Friday! Let the universe rejoice! I hope you all have a glorious weekend ahead of yourselves, but before I get ahead of MYSELF, I've got three random tidbits for you, so let's have ourselves a post before we have ourselves a toast! (<— really sorry about all this; too much caffeine I think).  

First, I'm really tempted to have a total hipster moment right now and play the "I posted about that before it was cool" thing, but I'll resist (not because I'm very mature—mostly because, if you followed my posts last week, you already know I did it first ;) ) so Sephora seems to now be having an Eyeliner Week of their own!

So if you are still on the hunt for a great liquid, cream, or kohl eyeliner, you might do well to take a quick peek at whatever they've got goin' on at Sephora.com.

And if you do find one you're into, here's a few quick tips on buying a makeup product you've never tried before online . . . (I know probably nobody needs to be coached on shopping, but just in case). It's obviously preferable to actually be in the store, but when that's not possible, this is my evaluation process before I bite the bullet:

  • Look at the ingredients (revisit this post if you're not sure what ingredients to avoid)
  • Sort by "Top-Rated" or "Best-Selling" (This isn't a surefire way to find a good one, but I take it as a good sign when they're popular with customers)
  • Sift through the customer reviews to get some details on what people like and don't like about it, and
  • Look it up on Pinterest to try to find pictures of girls actually wearing it to kind of evaluate the color (if applicable)


Next up, I'd like to present to you some of my oxblood lipstick picks that I promised. Instead of posting links to them, you can just click the pictures, and it will take to you their individual sites (I know; we're gettin' kinda fancy up in here, right?).

Have fun knockin' 'em dead, young bloods! 



And finally, there's a lot of junk and negativity on the internet so it's nice to find an upper once in awhile. I was into it, so I wanted to share it with you all. 


What's Stopping You?


love + light


Crimson Craving

I have a bit of an oxblood obsession every year when fall comes around. I think it's both romantic and edgy, which ain't easy to pull off. Sad part: Kyle doesn't like it. Good thing I don't care, right? :) 

There's something kind of sinfully sultry about the deep, dark drama of it all, but I realize that the deep, dark drama is probably what scares a lot of girls from trying it out. HOWEVER, I honestly feel like anyone can pull it off. Brights are a bit trickier, but deep oxblood is universally gorgeous and very versatile when it comes to skin colors and undertones. 

That's pretty much all I've got to offer on the subject, so I'll cut myself off there and let the visuals speak for themselves.  Dying, dying, dying.. 


Oxblood Lips
Oxblood Lips



I've got the Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked that I think is amazing, but it's a little deeper than oxblood, and I'm saving it for later because I'm featuring it in its own post. I'm greedy like that.

But here's a little oxblood look I did today using MAC's Russian Red lipstick. Russian Red is very dense and saturated (it's also A-freezeframe-mazing by itself on olive-toned skin), but it's more of a red-red, so I darkened it a bit just by using one of my dark brown eyebrow pencils. I also added a tiny dab of that $1.99 Wet n Wild Purty Persimmon red to the middle of my bottom lip to make them look fuller. 


>>> PS Sorry about the picture quality (or lack thereof). The tragic downfall of screenshots. My computer froze like three times in a row when I was trying to save these so I had to resort to the dreaded screenshot. Hence, the weird black rectangle on the left side of the pictures. Not even sure where those came from.

Oxblood Lips

FYI: My next post tomorrow or Friday is going to be a list of my 5 favorite oxblood lipsticks this fall, so check back for that if you're interested in trying out this ruby red little trend.


It's Monday

I'm usually one of those people who are already planning for the weekend on Monday morning, but I'm trying to make it a point to quit wishing away the days waiting for the next weekend, vacation, break, etc., and just focus on doing things I enjoy and seeing people I love on a daily basis, even if it means carving out time where there is none.

Why the renewed zest for life? Coffee most likely.

But if not that then because it was a great weekend that I got to spend with my family and friends.

  • Eric Church concert Thursday in Omaha with my husband, brother, and basically adopted brother:)
  • Back to Albion to work on Friday (morning came way too early) and go to my little brother's football game that night, at which (and after which) I got to hang out with extended family
  • Then Saturday brought us a trip down the road to a good friend's bridal shower, and on the way home, I decided to make an impromptu solo trip to Lincoln to catch some of the Husker game madness and meet up with my main squeeze and some friends I hadn't seen in months.


I'm traveled out, my house is a mess, and my body wasn't particularly fond of me this morning, but I find that I never regret going the extra mile (or 120) to see the people that mean a lot to me and to make time for the things that I enjoy. Responsible in terms of my car's mileage? Not so much, but I just didn't think the Huskers could hear my cheering as well from Albion, and while my body may be super drained, making time for important things and people has my soul feeling rather invigorated.

My guiness; I'm a cheese ball. And to make it worse, this post really has no earthly business on a blog dedicated to all things makeup and beauty. I'll just file it under the happiness-is-the-best-kind-of-beauty tab. And I promise to keep my diary-entry-esque blogs at bay from now on, but as it is . . . go be happy. :)