The Devil Wears Pigment

Happy Thursday, y'all :) One more day and then, in the words of the one and only R. Kelly,  "it's the freakin' weekend, baby; I'm about to have me some fun." But first, a product review.


Today, I would like to tell you the tale of the eyeshadow that I didn't want to buy.

Once upon a timesuck on Pinterest, I stumbled upon a pin touting this L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow pigment in Amber Rush as "miraculous." 

The caption said something like, "This is the perfect eyeshadow! It's flattering for every eye color! It casts different shades based on your eye color! This eyeshadow is amazing. It saved my marriage. La la la."

(I might've overdone it with the marriage assertion, but it definitely smelled like the handiwork of an overzealous new L'Oreal employee.)

Unfortunately, I'm already one of those people who is easily persuaded by fancy claims and 2AM infomercials—hence my book collection of "Secrets Hospitals Don't Want You to Know." Basically, I'm one of those consumers that corner-cutting big wigs in marketing conference rooms love.

But over the years, I think I've curbed my gullible ways—or at least I tried to be more of a savvy spender. Therefore, I sought out this eyeshadow with Grinch-like skepticism. 


I moved through the L'Oreal section with that "too-good-for-you" strut with which one would walk in 7th grade past a group of cute guys—excuse me, I'm super busy and important and popular and stuff and please don't notice that I love you.


I've fallen prey to far too many makeup purchases that were ushered in with sterling reviews, but upon application, were underwhelming, at best.

In a nutshell, I've seen the horse and pony show. I've bought too many pretty-packaged products that fall short. They're the Justin Biebers of cosmetics—pretty to look at . . . but basically just a waste of space . . . and should return to wherever they came from . . . immediately. 


So I'm strolling through the aisle nonchalantly with my nose in the air, and then I see it. 

not impressed.gif

And I try not to look directly at it because, of course, there's a chance the makeup gods are sharks who can smell that gullible, good-little-capitalist vulnerability when you want a product, and then they target you and suck you right in. Just a working theory.

I have a gap in my schedule so I suppose I can evaluate you now.

Impress me.



If I'm being honest, I fell in the love with the shade as soon as I saw it. I'm a sucker for rose gold so the "playing hard to get" was just more of a mental process to ensure I didn't make any rash decisions, but when I tested it on the back of my hand, I already knew it was game, set, match.

Like a trampy little club-hopper, I grabbed it, took it home with me, and wasted no time getting it on. (Too far?)

The verdict? I love.

Here's what it looks like on my green eyes. It's more shimmery in real life, but as I've said before, shimmer often gets lost in photos.


And these photos below can vouch for it looking phenomenal on blue or brown eyes too!


If you're sitting there like . . .

. . . they are just random girls on the internet who post their eyeshadows online like me. :)


I am really liking this pigment. It's a shimmery cream eyeshadow that goes on very smoothly and very vividly. I haven't had any creasing problems with it like I normally do with cream shadows, but I DID use a primer with it.

Bottom line: This little gem is a jack-of-all-trades because I think it's universally pretty—it should look good on anyone. Plus, it's $7 so it couldn't hurt to try, right?? 



Have a wonderful night, my loves!! 

Double-Winged Liner

Having a fab Wednesday, are we, bloglets? As promised, I'm posting some more ideas on how to amp up your eye makeup game using double-winged liner. I think it adds just a little bit of an edge to the classic cat-eye so I've been doing it more often as of late. Pretty fun. 

As with pretty much all things makeup, there are several ways to do this.

Ready to be a wingman? :)


One strategy for the double-winged liner look is to wing out the top lash line AND the bottom lash line with liquid liner WITHOUT connecting the two. You'll come up with something like this. 

Double-Winged Eyeliner Ideas

Your top and bottom liner colors don't have to match, but just for the sake of contrast and visibility, I did black on both the top and bottom. I drew mine completely parallel, but you can also shorten the bottom wing and curve it downward, which creates for the bottom lash line what the cat-eye does for the top lash—a bit of an illusion of a fanned-out eyelash. 

BONUS TIP: When drawing parallel wings, I like to keep the bottom wing slightly shorter than the top wing to ensure the focus is still on the top lash line, which lifts your eye up and out. 


Another way you can double-wing it is with stacked liner.

I love doing this, and the cherry on top is that it's rather simple :) All I did here was draw my black cat eye with some black liquid liner, and then I just used a crystallized gold liner and drew an identical line just north of that. And by north, I mean above, not on top of. Think of it as STACKED, like in Tetris, not OVER TOP OF like a topcoat of nail polish.

I wish it was more intense in these pictures because, in real life, it's very noticeable, but as I've said before in my photography makeup post, you lose shimmer in photos. *Sadness*

Double-Winged Eyeliner Ideas

For this look, you WILL want to use two different colors of liquid liner because if you use two of the same color or two that don't have much contrast (like dark purple and black), you're obviously just going to come away looking like you just have really thick liner, and there will be no double-wing effect.

Also, the key here is in making sure the liners are completely parallel so it looks intentional, sharp, and modern, not sloppy.


Finally, if you didn't see yesterday's post, I achieved the double-wing yesternight by creating a separation between my cat-eye liner and the cut crease I built with my eyeshadow.

I call this one the "negative space double wing." And by "I call this," I mean "I just made that term up so I'm GOING TO START calling this the 'negative space double wing' because that negative space (the area without any liner) is what accentuates the double-wing."

Again, the trick is to keep the wings parallel. I apologize; in these open-eyed photos, you can't really see the "bald" area because my lashes are kind of in the way of the cut crease. 

Double-Winged Eyeliner Ideas

Also, I realize the eye picture on the bottom isn't great quality. I had to zoom in pretty far after the fact so we lost some picture quality, but I hope you can tell that the shadow doesn't go all the way down to the wing in the outer corners. That empty space is going to create the illusion of that double wing.

Go spread your wings!


Happy Monday, sweet peas! All I've managed to come up with for today is a quick MOTD. Epic wedding weekend has ended, but now recovery mode has commenced. 

Today, I did a gold MakeupGeek sparkle all over my lids with a violet crease and MAC's Be A Lady and Be Fabulous on my lips. 

Tomorrow, I've got an Olivia Wilde makeup recreation look for you, along with a few tips and tricks.

Please forgive my horrid lack of ambition today. I blame the bride & groom. Sweet dreams, dollies!

Fox of the Week

It's WCW, so I've got a fox of the week to feature. My leading lady is the ever-lovely . . . 


I adore her. Her name, her style, her voice, her face. She reminds me of Adele in that she looks like she's of a different era, and her 60s-esque makeup is always flawless.


By the way, I can't wait to recreate this look for you.