I know it's probably an ill-advised move to advertise for other makeup artists, but I'm doing it anyway because sharing is caring.


I started my blog because I wanted to share this passion with other women who enjoy playing around with makeup and to help assist anyone on a quest for makeup tips and tricks, so although I would love to keep you all to myself instead of leading you to the magic sorcery that is these other makeup artists...what kind of "sharer" would I be if I withheld information?

So if you're (cough-already following PrettyMuchBlog) and are looking for some more great beauty accounts to follow on Instagram, well then "I Got U, Babe." ;)



Without further ado, here are 13 of my favorite makeup gurus to follow.

They do stunning work, and many of them share videos, product details, and before-and-afters to make it easier for their followers to recreate their looks.

Instagram Name:  Amrezy

Instagram Name: Carlibel

Instagram Name: Chrisspy

Instagram Name: MakeupBy_Christina

Instagram Name: Ellarie

Instagram Name: HeidiMakeupArtist

Instagram Name: JessicaRose_Makeup

Instagram Name: Viva_Glam_Kay

Instagram Name: Maskcara

Instagram Name: Maya_Mia_Y

Instagram Name: NicolConcilio

Instagram Name: ILuvSarahii

Instagram Name: MakeupShayla


Hope you socialites found this helpful!

Have a great weekend!