happy tuesday

i've been making a practice of meditating on gratitude as of late, and so—although this isn't beauty-related—i just wanted to send some positive vibes out to all of you.

i hope you have a beautiful day


Seriously Re(marc)able Foundation

The weight is over.

Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation

I always get a little skittish when asked about product recommendations because I really don't want to oversell anything or talk it up to the point of inevitable disappointment.

Products that works miraculously for me and my needs may be a total waste of your money because everyone has different skin/textures/issues.

Having said that, this new Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Full Cover Foundation tho . . .

if you have skin, you'll love it.


Definite Holy Grail product. I don't know how they fashioned such a magical elixir. I'm assuming it's made entirely of pixie dust + true love.

The consistency is ridiculously light and super breathable, but it still manages to provide full coverage, which makes little to no sense. And you only need a few little dollops to cover your entire face, which is pretty handy and economical and helps to justify the $55 pricetag.

The velvety consistency made my skin look airbrushed, and that's nothing short of a miracle given my Ray Liotta-deep acne scars.

The only potential con (aside from the price) is that, the first time I tried it, it creased a little bit in my smile lines, but then I got a sample of their coconut primer, and it totally ironed that little situation out.

So basically—I know it's kind of obnoxious that your foundation needs a foundation, but—primer is the wind beneath your foundation's wings.

I'm in love with this.