Sugar Skulls

What's up, sugar? :) 

A few of my friends came over the other night for wine and general merriment, and one of the girls had sent me a screenshot of a sugar skull Halloween makeup look from Pinterest and encouraged me to do it. I told her to bring her face to me, and I would.

Done deal. 

We had a little too much fun with this one, and a few glasses (okay, fine, bottles) of wine in, we thought it would be a good idea to go into our bedroom and try to scare Kyle with this at about 12:30 am. He was none too thrilled. 

Also, I had Keri take the pictures herself so there were a few hilarious mantle-worthy outtakes littered throughout my photos that I refuse to ever delete. 

We wanted to incorporate some fake blood, but I didn't think it went with the pretty pinks in Keri's look so I did another one on myself later on.

And yes, after we were finished, we just sat on the couch like this and talked for the rest of the night. Pretty standard girls night, right? :)