Costume Makeup Continued

What do a corpse bride, a lion, and a pinup girl have in common?  Not much, if I'm being honest. But NOW they do because they share a post on my blog. Hey, look at that. 

Inspiration . . .

(minus the blue hair)

Corpse Bride Makeup

Also, my poor friends were probably terrified when I sent them this photo on Snapchat. 

I also think I look somewhat similar to the Genie from Aladdin. 


And then, I toned the brows down JUST a bit (but still used that exaggerated shape for this (super easy) lioness look. 

Lion Makeup

My liquid liner supply took a beating after those first two looks.

Then on to my pinup girl look. 

Pinup Makeup

If you're wondering why the lighting looks different, then a) You've got some eagle eyes on ya—kudos for noticing, and B) I always try to use natural light whenever I can, and this was a little later on in the day. It's also to blame for the lower quality of these shots.