Lazy Lazarus & Miscellaneous Things

Hello, honey drops!

It is blustery as all hell outside today, but what is REALLY BLOWING MY MIND is that it's already November!! I feel like I just started adjusting to the fact that it's not summer anymore! Time, you sneaky little devil.


Really quickly, I just want to apologize for my absentee-ism of late. I started off October super strong with roughly ninety-million different costume makeup looks, and then I kind of pulled a Lindsay Lohan: rode that success for as long as I could, fizzled into obscurity, and now I feel like I need to do something actually worthwhile again, so this is my "Lazarus Rising" moment. 

And speaking of the risen dead, I hope everyone had a frightful and delightful Halloween. My 31 costume makeup looks for my countdown to Halloween has come to an end, and everyone is probably breathing a sigh of relief as that was starting to be a little much, I'm sure.

If you're not sick of them yet or if you missed them altogether, you can click on the gallery below for a recap!


If you saw my day-of Halloween day post, you already know I had no idea what I was going to be, and if you're curious about whether I was able to whip up something makeup-y and crazy an inspired, my costume reveal is going to be super disappointing. 

I went as Clark Kent.

I did 31 makeup looks for the 31 days of Halloween . . . all kinds of makeup . . . all colors of makeup . . . all makeup, everywhere, all the time . . . I was a makeup machine . . .  and then I end up going as a dude. Classic Jessi.



But onto more interesting things, the winner of the Drop-Dead Gorgeous Halloween Face-Off was my little pregnant sister :) So she gets a little swag bag full of samples of some my favorite makeup products.