Bridal Beauty: Steph

If you're as uncomfortable aiming your phone at your own face as I am, you will be able to appreciate this.

This past weekend, I did wedding makeup for one of my very best friends and six of my fellow bridesmaids and wedding partiers. So you know what that means? A) It was a very busy morning, B) I had an amazing weekend from which I'm still floating down from Cloud 9, C) I'm rubbing Icy Hot all over my legs since I didn't leave the dance floor till the DJ did, and D) No selfies today! Instead, I get to feature a face that's not attached to the front of my head!  HALLELUJAH!  

Get a load of this bombshell of a bride. Stephanie is a kindred spirit who is in my very inner circle. We've seen each other at our best and at our worst (and you can take that in a literal sense since we saw each other through puberty). She completely lit up the church when she walked in yesterday, and I'm sure hearts were breaking everywhere when she vowed her unending love and loyalty to Corey—one of the kindest and most genuine guys I've ever met. 

Soon, I'll post Before & Afters, so if you want to look like that beautiful bride below (and who doesn't?), I'll fill you in on how we mastered this "natural romance" that she asked for.

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Thome!