Woman Crush Wednesday: Why Oh You

I'm guessing you've heard of the #WomanCrushWednesday Instagram hashtag? Well here's to you, doll face!  If you don't mind a sappy post—I can be a little heavy on the cheese sometimes—I'm sending you a little love note.

I know many have said this before, so I'm not introducing any new ideas or pioneering new territory, but I still want to touch on it regardless because the theme of this blog is so intertwined with how we perceive ourselves. 

Like I said in my "About" section, I love doing people's makeup because I love helping them feel more confident and more beautiful. However, I realize that's a superficial source from which to derive your self worth, and your outer beauty is a very distant second (or third or fiftieth) to your inner beauty. But I'm no spiritual advisor or life coach, so this is me just doing what I can to help you recognize your beauty. 

In today's Hollywood-worshipping society, it's hard to feel even ATTRACTIVE in comparison and to avoid letting our minor insecurities escalate into things we despise ourselves for. 

The standards are set so high that we feel the need to alter our appearances beyond recognition because we've come to believe that what we see on E! is what normal people look like, and it's to the point where only 4% of women IN THE WORLD consider themselves beautiful. 

I don't want to go all Mean Girls . . .



. . . because I know it's going to take a lot more than a blog post to lift our collective self esteem, but I really think it's heartbreaking how little credit we give ourselves. 


Superbad-ass Emma Stone bein' all fierce.

Superbad-ass Emma Stone bein' all fierce.

If you don't' have the time now, I hope at some point you watch this Dove Sketches spot. It's really eye-opening; you will not regret it.

So instead of using celebrities as our standard for beauty, I vote we

Number one:  Remember that celebrities are world-renowned BECAUSE they are freaks of nature in the beauty department; that's not just a coincidence—and on that note, I want to reiterate the quote on my "About" section: What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness."  Being beautiful isn't really a trait that should earn fellow human beings a spot as our role models anyway.

Number two: Acknowledge that celebrities don't always look that perfect. It literally takes an entire day of prepping and pampering (and usually several months of working out and chemical peels and plastic surgery) for female celebrities to get red-carpet ready.

And number three: The images we see in magazines, online, and through various social media portals are heavily photoshopped. So essentially, we're using imaginary women as the standard for our beauty norms. It'd be like if Black Beauty compared itself to a unicorn. 


I don't want this to be construed as a bashing of Photoshop or cosmetics—I just hope it serves as a reminder that even Maxim's hottest have cellulite under their butts and acne on their faces. Perfection doesn't exist, and if it did, it would be boring as all hell.

CASE IN POINT: Celebrities before and after makeup and / or Photoshop. 

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    THIS is normal. 

THIS is normal. 

This might all seem ridiculously hypocritical of me considering that this is clearly a makeup blog. Honestly, I don't really see anything wrong with using makeup to highlight (not change) different features on any given day.

To me, it's not unlike a man deciding to grow a beard. It's kind of fun to change it up and decide how you want to present yourself, and if it makes you feel great, then why not? I think the critical point is that it doesn't encourage self-loathing or the idea that we should be using makeup to try to COVER ourselves up.

Bottom line: Please don't dumb down or hide the qualities that make you unique. Go easy on yourself. Better yet, stick up for yourself and rock what you got! :) I'm gonna go a little "Spice Girls" #girlpower on ya, and leave you with a fab-and-feisty-female quote because I'm listening to some old-school Destiny's Child and feeling kind of fierce. 

So here's hoping you recognize that #1 - you're so more than your outward appearance, and #2 - your outward appearance is damn sexy just the way it is. :) Cheers, my loves!

Someone's got a crush on you! #WCW