Almost Ready!

Happy Wednesday, honeys! I'm currently working on a post just for your eyes (and skin) about the color wheel! Sound lame and 3rd-grade-y? Perhaps, but it's actually going to help make your eyes look SUPER vibrant and any discoloration in your skin disappear.

Sadly, it's taking a little bit longer than I anticipated I hope you can sit tight for a bit longer while I finish it up.


If you know me very well at all, you're probably thinking: classic Jessi.

"I'm almost ready!" is one of the most commonly used expressions in my vocabulary, offering it almost every day to whoever is yelling at / honking at / calling me. In fact, my friend recently tagged me in this on Instagram:

. . . and at first, I was about to be all like . . .

. . . but then I was like . . . 

I'm not proud of it, but I guess I'm just horrible at estimating, and especially when I'm experimenting with a new look, time just gets away from me. Working on it.

But for real, it really doesn't help when someone is calling you nonstop while you're getting ready. It just wastes the :30 that it takes on the phone and then . . . other seconds since I have to navigate back to Pandora and restart my get-ready music. So . . . at least 35 seconds wasted. I don't know; just trying to find excuses here. I just suck at being on time sometimes.


Bottom line: I know you could be honking your horn at me right now, but I hope you can hold onto your knickers for just a little smidge longer, and I will have a rather useful new post rushing out to meet you very shortly :)