This morning, I don't have any beauty tips or advice to offer. I'm sure I'm just one of the many millions who woke up heavy-hearted this morning, still processing the news of Robin Williams' death. 


It's indescribably heart-breaking that someone who brought so much happiness to people for so many years was holding in so much sadness and pain. I'll always remember Robin Williams—besides, of course, as Peter Pan, Euphagenia, Dale Putley, Keating, Alan Parrish, Jack, Genie, Sean, etc.—as an incredible soul with an infectious energy and . . . I think . . . a little bit of magic that lit him from the inside out. 


So today, I'm just sharing a few ideas I hold close to my heart and a few thoughts that warm it.


Be Kind
Matthew 28:20



Jeremiah 29:11


Robin Williams: Thank you for the laughs. I hope your spirit has found peace.