Excess Baggage

Good afternoon, fairest of them all—or as I used to think it was, fairest of the mall. :) 

I'm on the last leg of the plague, I believe! In a good, I-wiill-survive kind of way! I'm over the horrid, achy, is-this-real-life, kill-me-now stretch, and now I'm entering into the just-a-regular-cold phase so with any luck, I'll wake up to just your average coughing and a runny nose situation in the morning (fingers crossed)! :) 

I apologize for my lackluster blogging performance through this sick spell, but it actually did inspire my next post: How to get rid of under-eye bags, discoloration, and puffiness (with makeup and otherwise). Definitely getting a lot of experience with that issue lately!

In other exciting news, I'm getting a new camera within the next couple of weeks, so better photos and, with any luck, video tutorials!! I'm pretty excited. 

Now off to work on this de-puffing post:)