It's Monday

I'm usually one of those people who are already planning for the weekend on Monday morning, but I'm trying to make it a point to quit wishing away the days waiting for the next weekend, vacation, break, etc., and just focus on doing things I enjoy and seeing people I love on a daily basis, even if it means carving out time where there is none.

Why the renewed zest for life? Coffee most likely.

But if not that then because it was a great weekend that I got to spend with my family and friends in four different towns.

I'm traveled out, my house is a mess, and my body wasn't particularly fond of me this morning, but I find that I never regret going literally the extra mile (or 120) to see the people that mean a lot to me or to make time for the things that I enjoy.

Responsible in terms of my car's mileage? Not so much, but I just didn't think the Huskers could hear my cheering as well from Albion, and while my body may be super drained, making time for important things and people has my soul feeling rather invigorated.

My guinness; I'm a cheese ball. And to make it worse, this post really has no earthly business on a blog dedicated to all things makeup and beauty. I'll just file it under the happiness-is-the-best-kind-of-beauty tab. And I promise to keep my diary-entry-esque blogs at bay from now on, but as it is . . . go be happy. :)