Threefold Friday Fluff

It's Friday! Let the universe rejoice! I hope you all have a glorious weekend ahead of yourselves, but before I get ahead of MYSELF, I've got three random tidbits for you, so let's have ourselves a post before we have ourselves a toast! (<— really sorry about all this; too much caffeine I think).  

First, I'm really tempted to have a total hipster moment right now and play the "I posted about that before it was cool" thing, but I'll resist (not because I'm very mature—mostly because, if you followed my posts last week, you already know I did it first ;) ) so Sephora seems to now be having an Eyeliner Week of their own!

So if you are still on the hunt for a great liquid, cream, or kohl eyeliner, you might do well to take a quick peek at whatever they've got goin' on at

And if you do find one you're into, here's a few quick tips on buying a makeup product you've never tried before online . . . (I know probably nobody needs to be coached on shopping, but just in case). It's obviously preferable to actually be in the store, but when that's not possible, this is my evaluation process before I bite the bullet:

  • Look at the ingredients (revisit this post if you're not sure what ingredients to avoid)
  • Sort by "Top-Rated" or "Best-Selling" (This isn't a surefire way to find a good one, but I take it as a good sign when they're popular with customers)
  • Sift through the customer reviews to get some details on what people like and don't like about it, and
  • Look it up on Pinterest to try to find pictures of girls actually wearing it to kind of evaluate the color (if applicable)


Next up, I'd like to present to you some of my oxblood lipstick picks that I promised. Instead of posting links to them, you can just click the pictures, and it will take to you their individual sites (I know; we're gettin' kinda fancy up in here, right?).

Have fun knockin' 'em dead, young bloods! 



And finally, there's a lot of junk and negativity on the internet so it's nice to find an upper once in awhile. I was into it, so I wanted to share it with you all. 


What's Stopping You?


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