I set out to crafta post about makeup that lasts all day, but I'm making like The Parent Trap and splitting them in two and worrying about the other one another day.

So today's post is strictly about lip products that stay. First, it's a slightly dramatic retelling of my on-again, off-again history with lipstick, and then I'll talk about some products that are worth their weight in gold.


As you may already know, I'm a big fan of risk-takers . . . and though I may not be exactly Randolph Dupree-status at taking risks in life, I definitely practice being a risk-taker quite a bit with makeup—particularly lipstick.

Whether it's swinging for the fences on an off-beat shade, using a different cosmetic product as lipstick, or just breaking traditional color "rules," I think it's fun to put on my hypothetical black, spiked choker and go rogue on the ole' lipstick stash.


However, I'm not quite as impressed when my lipstick goes rogue on me, and it seems like whenever I have an all-day event—for which I depend on my makeup actually staying where I put it—the schedule of events are as follows:

Step 1: Apply lipstick. Look delicious.


Step 2: Arrive with bells on.


Step 3: Dining, dancing, and general merriment.

Until, inevitably, I pass by a window, outside of which, I see a woman with the same outfit on. Moving in exact synchronicity with me. Except that she seems to have hired the Joker to do her makeup.


And then Step 4: The sudden, sinking awareness that this is no coincidence.

It's a mirror. This is me. My lipstick has taken up residence on my chin and only about half of it remains remotely close to where it was originally applied.

I may as well have just opened my lipstick and eaten it.


Step 6: Dig furiously in purse for reinforcements. If I haven't come prepared, then it's a game of dodging acquaintances and/or finding totally natural and nonchalant ways to cover my mouth for the remainder of the night.


Having suffered through many a night of ill-fated and jaded lip color, I've come to the unfortunate realization that lipstick, try as it might, is not the good gentleman Rick Astley.

It WILL give you up . . . and let you down . . . and run around (all over your face) . . . and, I guess not altogether desert you because it will just smudge off in some spots and then leave patches of itself elsewhere, but it would look better if it altogether deserted you, so yeah, it still basically screwed you over.


The good news is that my days as the mid-evening Joker have come to an end because I've discovered liquid-to-matte velvet lip products. If you're unfamiliar with liquid-to-mattes, they are usually in a lipgloss-looking tube, and they go on like a gloss but dry to a matte lipstick finish. Genius.

And even more exciting—they're pretty much becoming Cher Horowitz-popular (my blog needs a Clueless reference count) right now, so there are a lot of different options from super affordable to super "luxury."


I used to lean on Lime Crime's Velvetines exclusively, but now, I've also found a number of highly saturated matte lipsticks that are tried and true and will stain your lips so fiercely you couldn't get it off with a Tide To-Go pen.*

*No, I'm sure you could, but then you're likely to suffer severe physical pain.


First is the brand-new lip line by Anastasia Beverly Hills. I love this brand—most popular for its eyebrow products—and I love these colors, and I love this product.

$20 each, and I believe there are 20 colors. Unfortunately, more than half of them have sold out on the ABH website, but they are still available on

Next, my bloody Velvetines. :) Beloved.

$20 at, and they come in 10 different shades.


Kat Von D recently came out with a new line of velvet matte lipsticks called Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, and they are DIVINE. Color for days.

These bad boys are $24, and you can find all 12 colors at Sephora or


Lastly, NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and DINAIR Pucker Ups. They're similar in size, texture, and consistency, but somehow, NYX totally dominates in my mind. They offer a lot more color options, and they're significantly cheaper. (NYX always seems to save the day with affordable products that are also nice and high-quality.) And a limited inventory of NYX products is now available at Target, so snaps for accessibility!

Pucker Up Lip Stains are available in four colors for $20 each at, and NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are available for $6 each in pretty much any color you could possibly want at a number of retailers, including, ULTA and, and

I know there are a ton of other similar products that are popping up everywhere, but these are just the ones I recommend.

Speaking of which, one line I really WOULD NOT recommend at all is the Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color. Oddly enough, their lipsticks really aren't
bad—they don't go on super easily, but they are matte,
and they stay put—but this Liquid Lip Color is pretty miserable.

I used it on myself and on a friend recently, and it basically felt like Flubber mixed with honey and toxic sludge. Really hard to remove and really uncomfortably sticky.


I'm going to peace out here because this got so much longer than I meant it to be—so sorry! Also, I just re-read some of it, and I'm no longer making sense in any capacity so thanks for hanging in there, champs!

I hope you found this helpful if you've been a victim of under-performing lipstick...or if you haven't been a victim but you want to experiment with lipstick...or if you're just looking for some good brands with staying power...or if you had no interested in the subject at all but were just really bored and decided to see this through to the end. Bless your heart. :)

Good night, lovely.