Hey Bou(doir)

Standard girls-getting-ready situation . . . 

(and yes, you can chalk another one up on my "Mean Girls Reference" count)

I think girls are at least three times prettier than they think they are.

I also think girls suffer from a anorexia-esque chronic never-good-enough complex where they can't quite see what the rest of the world does—spending so much time dwelling on the one thing they don't like about themselves, that they don't ever appreciate the 9 million great things.

I'm not exempt. I have a lot of insecurities. At any given time, I can pick myself apart like a vulture on roadkill (delicate—I know), and while I appreciate that self improvement is important in every facet of life, I also think it's important to respect yourself and appreciate where you're at now.

Otherwise, you get stuck in the never-good-enough purgatory of "I'll start my own business when I have more experience," or "I'll wear that dress when I'm in better shape," or "I'll bust out the daisy dukes when I build up a tan," and you spend good years of your life waiting.

It's like buying roller blades and leaving them in the box. I do that quite a bit. Not with roller blades. That's a different animal entirely—I'd bust those out before checkout.


It's kind of the whole don't-know-what-you've-got-till-it's-gone situation, except I bring it up strictly because of the "you don't know what you've got" part.

Don't mistake this for a rally for Topless Tuesdays or anything, but just for the record, whatever you're insecure about is probably the last thing everyone else notices about you (if they even notice it at all).

Sorry you had to sit through that random Ed Sheeran (thinking out loud) moment of mine—I'll show myself off of this soapbox.

In short, I know insecurities have stood in the way of a lot of things in my life, from pursuing fleeting opportunities even down to little things like boudoir shoots . . . which is what I really meant to talk about (150 words later).

Allow me to introduce my photographer/life coach/health guru/bestie Misty—creative genius, camera-wielding extraordinaire, and lover of all things fun, free-spirited, and fancy. 


If you remember her, you probably saw her "Glowing Complexions" post and/or remember the Boudoir Mara-thong we did a few months ago. (If you don't know her, you're missing out in a big way.) :)  During that little mara-thong promo, we had a friend book a couple of boudoir sessions as a wedding present for her sister—so sweet. Both of them came in, and we did back-to-back shoots, and we drank a lot of champagne, and it was amazing.

The girls were really excited but also kind of on-edge and timid at first. Then about 30 seconds in, there wasn't one single jitter lingering in the whole, entire place. 


SPOILER ALERT: You're going to look at these photos and be like "why were you ever nervous? Nay, why are you not modeling professionally? Nay, who did you sell your soul to for those ridiculously blue eyes?!" #EatYourHeartOutDerekZoolander

DISCLAIMER: These showstoppers, and their lovely photographer, gave me permission to use these photos. 

BUZZKILL:  I did do some cropping to avoid a "viewer discretion" warning since the intended recipients were their sig-O's, not the worldwide web :)

Anyway, this kind of accidentally turned into a cheesy, motivational "love yourself" post, when I just meant it to be a "look at these flawless boudoir photos" post, but hey . . . I'm with Dionne Warwick on the whole "what the world needs now is love sweet love" thing, so I'm not going to go back and revise. :)

If you do want to do a boudoir session (bridal, pregnancy, or otherwise), Misty and I live for that stuff (girls night, champagne, and creative projects—bff trifecta!) We haven't yet set a date for our next "Mara-Thong,"  but you can always check with me (or send a message to Misty via Facebook @Photographically ME), and we can get something set up just especially for you.

Also, roping a friend (or two) into it will save you $$ and makes it even more fun—except when you're trying to do a serious face. Then it's terrible. :)


And check out my boudoir Pinterest board if you're prepping for one already and are searching for ideas!


Bottom line: Give yourself more credit. You flawless. ;)


Have a great night, beautiful. Xoxo