I'm sometimes reluctant to recommend cosmetic products because, even if they work wonders for me, everyone has different skin, different coloring, different needs, and different preferences. So please keep that in mind, lest I steer you wrong.

Having said that, all of these are products that have been particularly clutch in my makeup stash - the "Pretty Committee," if you will.

They're my tried + trues, and I recommend them without question or hesitation.

The ones marked with a pink star indicate products that are especially DIVINE—they're the irreplaceables, the best-sellers, the top-rated, and the créme de la créme...made of pure magic and pixie dust, I'm convinced.





And then some more absolutely golden merchandise for skin and hair that I can vouch for, but let the record show that I'm not technically recommending anything—because these are just products that work for MY unique skin type, and everyone's skin is so different—just so we're clear.

But I mean...they're great.